Nederlandse Brouwers

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Nederlandse Brouwers is an organisation that takes care about the interests of ten brewing companies situated in the Netherlands.  Visit website >>

Klein Brouwerij Collectief (KBC)

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The Klein Brouwerij Collectief is a partnership of micro brewers. The members are small-scale business owners who brew and sell special beers.
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On this site you will find an overview of all Dutch brewers, rental brewers and their beers. Visit website >>

Alliantie van Bier Tapperijen (ABT)

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On this site you will find information about beers that are served in the pubs of the members. We also give you information about where you can taste these beers. The information will be updated continuously.
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This association promotes the beer culture in Holland. They are the critical beer lovers that watch about the interests of the Dutch beer consumer. Visit website >>

Bier- en Verzamelaarsvereniging (BAV)

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This association was founded as a club for collectors of beer items. During the years it developed into an association of collectors, brewers, licensed victuals and publicans. Visit website >>


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Wikipedia is a digital encyclopaedia. Under the lemma beer, you can find a lot of background information about beer, the brewing process, ingredients and different kinds of beer. Visit website >>